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About Us

Farmiva Crop Science Pvt Ltd is incorporated by the Agriculture graduates’ hails from farming community having rich experience of more than three decades in the service sector of Agri domain in Indian Agriculture. The Co-founders worked with the global leader MNC’s and with Indian companies, gained experience by working in different departments like core sales, marketing, product evaluation, product development, portfolio management, crop specialisation, CRM, liaison with export companies, branding, digitalisation, data science, data analytics etc.,


To be customer centric solution provider with responsibility


Strive for the quality solutions with the global partners for the economic development

Core Values

  • Farmiva Product Features
  • Safe to Environment
  • Safe to Natural Parasites, Predators, Pollinators & Honey Bees
  • Best Fit in IPM & Sustainable Agriculture
  • No Residue problems
  • No chance of resistance or resurgence
  • Recommended in Organic farming
  • Effective & Economical Solutions
  • Improves plant Health & Productivity
  • Strong R & D back ground
  • Chances for higher Market price
  • Eco Friendly

Disclaimer :

The information provided by Farmiva Crop science Pvt Ltd (“we,” “us” or “our”) on www.farmiva.in (the “Site”) is for general informational purposes only This Products shown in the website has been designed as a reference guide for Farmiva range of Crop Protection, Organic Solutions. The information contained herein is based on the current farmer use in crops and the doses of the products. However, as the use is always subject to revision; read, understand and carefully observe directions, cautionary statements and other information. These are mostly available on the “ Product Label ” Technical information herein is based on extensive testing. It is to best of our current knowledge, true and accurate, but , but given without warranty in as much as the conditions of use and storage are beyond our control.